The Ossanzaia Bilene Lodge was born in 2015 with the idea of ​​offering first class relaxing accommodation combined with magnificent and breathtaking views of the beach, lagoon, dunes, canal and the Indian Ocean at Praia do Bilene (Bilene Beach) or simply Bilene, a serene village located in Gaza province, southern Mozambique; through a fully equipped lodge, where all guests can feel at home and in direct contact with nature.

Praia do Bilene is a Mozambican beach town and village located 145 km northeast of Maputo city, on the shores of Uembje Lagoon, which is separated from the Indian Ocean by a narrow dune strip.

The main economic activity of the village is tourism, also benefiting from the fact that it is on top5 of the closest beach to Maputo, accessible by road.

It is on this beach where, on the stunning dunes, is Ossanzaia Bilene Lodge, located 33 km from EN1 Estrada Nacional Nº 1 (National Road) and a few meters from the crystal clear waters of the sea. In addition to the dunes that guarantee resilience, there is also a coastal breath that gives the guest a lush view.

Come experience the best of life!

Ossanzaia Bilene Lodge promises, by its location and grandeur, to provide visitors with all the unique pleasures they have ever dreamed of. The landscaping of the site has recovered and respects the local vegetation.

The Lodge offers, especially several services to visitors, master suite, T3 and T2 Apartments, swimming pools, private boat cruise, quad biking and 4WD tours.

For those who like contact with nature and want to stay in a lodge that offers services equivalent to a five star hotel, it is worth knowing. At Ossanzaia Bilene Lodge, the visitor is connected to nature, but at the same time is welcomed with great comfort and modernity.

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